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Real Estate Pipeline Reviews & Testimonials


Real Estate Pipeline Reviews And Testimonials Come Directly From Our Wonderful Real Estate Partners Throughout The United States And Canada.

These kind words are a reflection of the time and effort we put in making sure we send only the highest quality leads possible. We strive for superior customer service and make sure that our lines of communication are always open.

At Real Estate Pipeline we know how hard you work for your money and ensure that your dollars work for you when investing in our real estate leads. We are only as successful as the agents we partner with and welcome your feedback with open arms.

All of our real estate testimonials come directly from the experience of our real estate agents.


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Real-Estate-Pipeline-Reviews-Susan-Georgia.jpg Susan C. Berkshire Hathaway, GA

"I am very happy to say that the majority of my leads and active clients have come from Real Estate Pipeline!  As all agents know, building a client database is a daunting project and Real Estate Pipeline has helped me the entire way.

My very first client was the first lead I received. We closed on his new home two months later! Of course not every lead has worked out, but the majority of the leads I have received have turned out to be viable clients, that are all looking to purchase within the next year.

If you are a new agent, the investment is well worth it.  My 2 closings have more than paid for investment!

I definitely recommend Real Estate Pipeline to agents looking for an excellent lead generation source."

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Valerie-W-Real-Estate-Pipeline-Testimonial Valerie W. Crye-Leike, GA

"I have been using Real Estate Pipeline for a while now and find that the leads are definitely worth the investment.  I love that you know a fair amount of information about your buyer when you call them. In addition, if you have a question or an issue, the support staff is right there and actually can resolve it on the spot!

I don’t know of another company that can produce this quality of lead!"

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Real-Estate-Pipeline-Review-REMAX-Colorado Mike M. RE/MAX, CO

"Real Estate Pipeline is the best lead generation provider I have used.  While I have used some other lead generation companies in the past, and they have even provided more leads, they have not been as good of leads as Real Estate Pipeline provides me with.  

The leads from Real Estate Pipeline have been more viable.  The people are more open to follow up with and I have people who are actually interested in my assistance as a Realtor. I have closed two deals this year alone with leads from Real Estate Pipeline.  The investment more than pays off!"

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Real-Estate-Pipeline-Review-NoPic.jpg Dayna M. Keller Williams, TX

"I cannot say enough about how excited I am to have Real Estate Pipeline (REPL) as part of my team! I am a busy mom with 5 kids and I do not always have the time to prospect. With REPL I love that I receive emails and texts when a new lead NEEDS MY HELP! The team is SUPER efficient, caring and readily available to assist with any question or need I may have. Their genuine care for me and my business shines through as they know me and care about my success. The system is user friendly and I love knowing that with one successful lead from REPL it paid for the whole service! I will forever be with this company that has not only changed my business but has given me more time with my family and also helped me create a financial future as well. Thank you Real Estate Pipeline."

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Real-Estate-Pipeline-Review-NoPic.jpg Sarah M. In The Home Zone Realty, FL

"Real Estate Pipeline is perfect for new or experienced agents. I have been using them for a week now and have received two leads. I have been able to get both of them pre-approved with local lenders, one of which is under contract and expected to close in 25 days. Not only have I been pleased with the leads I am receiving but also with the customer service provided. Within a week of joining the team, I had someone call me to set up my online account where I can manage my leads. I strongly recommend using their services, it is 100% worth the investment!"

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Real-Estate-Pipeline-Review-NoPic.jpg Richard K Keller Williams, CA

"I am a member of the Real Estate Pipeline and I can testify that it is the best direct real estate lead supplier in the business right now. Not only are the leads 100% real and 100% confirmed, but the sales and support staff are courteous, friendly, and attentive to your needs. I've received nearly 100 leads over the past year and have closed dozens of deals as a direct result of the services provided. I would recommend this to any realtor or broker looking to increase their business effortlessly with effective marketing dollars; the return on investment is unbelievable!"

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars
Real Estate Pipeline Review California Ralph J. Excellence Empire, CA

"The Real Estate Pipeline team has a totally positive attitude to tackling tasks, ongoing helpfulness and provide a stellar Customer Service experience! This is what makes REPL unique beside the obvious benefit of attaining leads. Josh, Jesse, Lily, Susan, and more, pride themselves in their work and it is self-evident. Their way of doing things and system is on point!

I am very pleased with their work ethic and the advantages I get by partnering with REPL. I really appreciate their friendliness, and their ability to not show frustration or attitude. This service is catapulting my business and taking me to the next level! Thank you very much REPL and team.  I highly recommend them! Definitely worth the investment. They have my business now, in the future and I endorse them!"


Real Estate Pipeline Reviews - 5 Stars

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